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J.P. McDade is on the show this week so we're talking New York sports 'ere. Also, is Goodell a liar? Have you heard James Dolan's new Trayvon song? WHAT IS PITCH AND PUTT?! All that and more all on today's Sports Abuse!




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Dru Johnston on the show this week! We talk growing up in the woods, Atlanta Hawks emails, Josh Gordon's car salesmanry, and a Constable gone mad!





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Thomas Attila Lewis is on the show! We talk Baseball and more baseball. Out with the DH and in with the molly!





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Nick Pappas is on the show! We talk Utah sporting interests, why following highschool sports is a bummer and what exactly is the worst part of Shelly Sterlings' Clippers deal. Also Madden 15 is out, get the definitive review here (don't)!

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Sports is fine this week with Andrew Jaico as we preview the 2014 NFL season division by division!


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Skype show this week so forgive the occasional delay! Sids at the fringe festival so we do the show thanks to the magic of the internet. We talk Becky Hammon, Jerry Jones and some weird God guy, then finish it up talkin bout baseball.

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Guest free on this 99th episode; Sports has been a bummer this week. We talk about it. Ray Rice, Tony Dungy, David Tyree, Stephen A Smith. Blerg. We have fun before and after that segment, I swear! 





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We've got self proclaimed jabroni and NYC standup Gerald Torregosa on the show! We talk about his Yankee, and more specifically Jeter love. He shares some athlete stories while working in a strip club in Houston, we talk new Weird Al, and the Rangers bullpen is very adolescent; all on this week's Sports Abuse!

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The World Cup is over and we've got Tanael Joachim in to celebrate! We talk a lot about this years World Cup, and TJ's lifetime love of soccer. We've got stories of terrible owners being dicks, and finish it off with a good ol Lebron discussion.



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Raj Sivaraman is on the show, we talk his U.K love (do not say KU), a lot about cricket, Embiid tweets at LeBron and Seinfeld day in the Cyclones stadium!




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